Scott Yeager          President
Dave McGlothlin     Vice-President
Wendy Luna          Treasurer
​Russ Richardson     Director
Kirk Irwin              Director

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Chip Rivera, Operations Manager
Mark Yanez, Senior Utility Worker
Jesus Amezcua, Utility Worker II
Steve Green, Utility Worker II
PJ Green, Utility Worker II
Steve Luna, Utility Worker II
Matt Griffith, Camp Caretaker

The Coalinga-Huron Recreation and Park District's Board of Directors is a five-member publicly elected Board. Board members are residents of the District who are elected to a four-year term in office. The Board meets the second Thursday of each month at 6 PM (Plus Special Meetings as needed) and meetings are open to the public.


Lisa Gonzalez, General Manager
Laurena Grimmett, Accounting Clerk
Jean Roderick, Registration Clerk 


Wendi Howard,  Recreation Supervisor 

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Coalinga-Huron Recreation & Park District

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The Coalinga-Huron Recreation and Parks District encompasses over 860 miles and was formed in 1972 to serve both the communities of Huron and Coalinga, CA. With a total population of 27,000 people, CHRPD is responsible for the maintenance, and operation related to special events, activities, sports, and recreation programs for youth and adults that takes place in four parks (totaling 50 acres), two communities centers, one fitness center, two pools, and a Landscape and Lighting Maintenance District.  CHRPD also operates Camp Yeager, a camp accommodating about 125 people located in Cambria, CA.

About Coalinga-Huron Recreation & Park District