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June 26th - August 30th, 2017 

Dear Coalinga and Huron Residents;

            CHRPD will not be able to offer Summer Camp this year. Camp Yeager is in great need of upgrading and repair. CHRPD passed a Bond in November for $14.9 million dollars that will be dispersed over 30 years. The first portion of the bond will be given to the District in May 2017. One of the major projects will be Camp Yeager.

            During the 
10-week closure of Camp, the vision for the District is to completely update and remodel the kitchen and chuck wagon, new parking lot, and more upgrades for ADA compliance. This is a large project and we will do our absolute best to complete everything on our list in that 10 week time period.

            We are truly sorry we cannot have our summer camp as it is one of the cornerstones of CHRPD. On a 
positive note, the new and improved Camp Yeager will be beautiful, high functioning and bring joy for our residents for many years to come.