Fresno County LAFCo

Municipal Service Review (MSR)

The Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000 requires LAFCo to review and update, as necessary, each local agency’s Sphere of Influence (SOI) before January 1, 2008, and every five years thereafter.  A Municipal Service Review is done in order to provide cities and special districts with an assessment on their provision of services, make recommendations regarding areas of improvement, and determine whether or not an agency is equipped to effectively provide services within its existing or expanded SOI.

In recent years, the Coalinga-Huron Recreation and Park District has had two Municipal Service Reviews, one in 2007 and one in 2013, with the next MSR scheduled for 2018.

​About CHRPD

The Coalinga-Huron Recreation and Parks District encompasses over 860 miles and was formed in 1972 to serve both the communities of Huron and Coalinga, CA. With a total population of 27,000 people, CHRPD is responsible for the maintenance, and operation related to special events, activities, sports, and recreation programs for youth and adults that takes place in four parks (totaling 50 acres), two communities centers, one fitness center, two pools, and a Landscape and Lighting Maintenance District.  CHRPD also operates Camp Yeager, a camp accommodating about 125 people located in Cambria, CA.