Got a Hobby?
CHRPD is looking to offer many more classes for you and your family to enjoy. In order to do that, we need instructors. An instructor can be anyone who has a hobby that they wish to share with others. An instructor can also be any business owner who wants to highlight an area of their expertise while also promoting their business. And of course, and instructor can also be someone who teaches classes already, and does one or two extra classes for CHRPD.

Types of Classes
CHRPD is anxious to offer a much wider range of classes: from martial arts, to tennis, to dog obedience, to dance, to cooking. The owner of a restaurant may want to teach a cooking class, either for adults or for kids. Someone who has skill with a camera may want to teach a photography class. Current or retired teachers with the school district, or at the college, will have a topic that they know the community craves to know more about. If you even have an inkling of an idea for a class, CHRPD can help you turn that idea into reality. Actually, any hobby, business, skill, or activity can be turned into a class. It just takes a willing person to be the instructor.

How it works
The process really starts with an interested instructor proposing an idea to CHRPD. This can be done through a conversation, or by putting your idea into writing. Again, CHRPD can help you with this. Once proposed, CHRPD and the instructor begin to nail down the details for the class. With many years’ experience in working with instructors, CHRPD can offer you helpful advice on what makes a class successful. All CHRPD instructors are independent contractors. As such, the contract instructor receives a percentage of the student fee. Then, the more students that attend a class, the more revenue that instructor makes. We can even establish a minimum number of students, so that you will not be stuck teaching a class with too few students.   

Benefits of being an instructor
There are many benefits of being a Contract Instructor with CHRPD. We will help you develop your class; and then we will advertise your class for you in the PLAYbook, our quarterly Activity Guide which is mailed to every resident. We can even use your business name, if you have one, in the advertising. We will provide you with a meeting space suitable for your class; and we will take class registrations for you. Also, we will collect the participant class fee, and then pay you your percentage of the student fee.

“Contract Instructor Handbook”
CHRPD has developed a “Contract Instructor Handbook” to help explain how the process works, and to offer you a simple fill-in-the-blanks set of questions to guide the new instructor towards proposing a class. The handbook has all of the info you will need to get started.

Interested in teaching a course for CHRPD? Download either the Community Class Instructor Handbook or the Group Fitness Class Instructor Handbook.